Results 2003-4 Season Division 1
Halesowen retain title!

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Halesowen 1
Droitwich & St Johns
Kidderminster 1
Worcester City

Date: Friday 30 April Reported by Geoffrey Herbert
Malvern (home)                     Droitwich & St Johns (away)
1  Brian Turner               ½-½  Peter Kitson
2  Geoffrey Herbert           ½-½  Nick Harris
3  Ian Clarke                 1-0  Steve Foster
4  John Knee                  0-1  Arnold Kirkland
5  Maurice Ginger             1-0  John Loynes
6  Tony Shaw                  1-0  Bert Foord
Result:                       4-2  win for Malvern

Date: Friday 23 April Reported by Stewart Fishburne
Malvern (home)                     Halesowen 1 (away)
1  Brian Turner               ½-½  Stewart Fishburne
2  Ian Clarke                 ½-½  John Edge
3  John Knee                  0-1  Rob Thomas
4  P Walker                   0-1  Dale Jackson
5  Denis Spencer              0-1  Bob Grimes
6  Maurice Ginger             ½-½  Andy Ambrose
Result:                      1½-4½ 
On board 3, Rob Thomas claimed a win in a position where both sides have queen,two 
rooks, minor piece and 7 pawns. John Knee is defending doubled pawns in an inferior position, but with plenty of artillary left, his claim for a draw was not unreasonable. Stewart reports this game was a win for Rob Thomas. Date: Tuesday, 24 April 2004 Reported by John Edge Halesowen 1 (home) Droitwich & St John's (away) 1 Dave Bissell ½-½ Peter Kitson 2 Stewart Fishburne (Capt) 1-0 Gregg Dyett 3 Rob Thomas 1-0 Nick Harris 4 John Edge 1-0 Steve Foster 5 Mark Bethel 1-0 Arnold Kirkland 6 Adrian Priest 1-0 John Loynes Result: 5½-½ Win for Halesowen A decisive and emphatic win for Halesowen! Results on board 1 and 2 corrected 27-4-04. Date: Thursday 25 March 2004 Reported by John Edge Kidderminster 1 (home) Halesowen 1 (away) 1 John Wrench 0-1 Stewart Fishburne 2 Jim Friar 0-1 John Edge 3 Frank Pickett 0-1 Rob Thomas 4 David Close ½-½ Mark Bethel 5 Gerald Link 1-0 Dale Jackson 6 Tim Yates 0-1 Bob Grimes Result: 1½-4½ (Apologies for the confusion over the results of matches between these clubs. The above corrected results posted 24 April after I received wiggings from John and
On Board 1, John Wrench was worsted by a trap in the French Defence and lost
a piece. Jim Friar tried the Morra Gambit against John Edge's Sicilian Defence and got
good positional compensation for the sacrificed pawn. John Edge rebuffed this pressure
and won a second pawn and eventually further material. Frank bludered a piece and
resigned on board 3. Mark and David had a early exchange of queens, but black's
extra pawn was not sufficient. Gerald did most of the attacking on board 5 and scored
Kidderminster's only win. On the last board, Bob had the advantage at the adjournment
and duly won in the second session. Date: Tuesday 2 March 2004 Reported by Steve Foster Droitwich & St Johns (home) Malvern (away) 1 Peter Kitson ½-½ Brian Turner 2 Gregg Dyett ½-½ Ian Clarke 3 Nick Harris ½-½ John Knee 4 Steve Foster ½-½ Denis Spencer 5 Arnold Kirkland 1-0 Maurice Ginger 6 John Loynes 1-0 K Khan Result: 4-2 win for Droitwich & St.Johns
Date: Thursday 11 March 2004 Reported by Ray Collett Worcester (home) Kidderminster 1 (away) 1 Eric Myers 1-0 John Wrench 2 Andy Taylor ½-½ Friar 3 Jim Keene 0-1 Maurice Bissell 4 Steve Mellor 0-1 Frank Pickett 5 Ray Collett ½-½ Mark Riley 6 Tony Spittle 1-0 David Close Result: 3-3 On Board one Eric reacted with his usual Schliemann Defence against the Spanish turture
(Ruy Lopez) and mainatined the initiative even after queens had been exchanged. A strong
passed pawn was queened and it was all over. Andy and his opponent played a tame
'grandmaster draw'. Maurice Bissell took control of the c file in the Gruenfeld Defence
and his pair of bishops forced the win of a whole piece. Steve Mellorgave up his queen
for two rooks, but went wrong thereafter. Tony Spittle on bottom board drew the match,
playing a good game. Date: Thursday, 12 February 2004 Reported by Ray Collett Worcester City (home) Malvern (away) 1 Jim Keene (black) ½-½ Brian Turner 2 Steve Mellor (capt) ½-½ Geoffrey Herbert (capt) 3 Ray Collett ½-½ Ian Clarke 4 Tony Spittle 1-0 John Knee 5 Roger Yates ½-½ Maurice Ginger 6 Richard Williams 0-1 Tony Shaw Result: 3-3 Drawn match Board 1 saw a Sicilian Grand Prix Variation and on Board 2 the captains agreed a grandmaster draw. Ray defended a Veresov in a game that went the full distance. Tony Spittle played a Queen's Pawn oppening and Roger Yates on board 5 had a long struggle with maurice Ginger. Richard Williams, a new young player for Worcester, defended a Queen's Gambit Declined, but lost a bishop for two pawns before going down. Date: Tuesday 24 February 2004 Reported by Ray Collett Droitwich & St Johns (home) Worcester City (away) 1 Peter Kitson ½-½ Eric Myers 2 Default 0-1 Andy Taylor 3 Steve Foster 1-0 Steve Mellor 4 Arnold Kirkland 1-0 Ray Collett 5 Bill (W) Watson 0-1 Tony Spittle 6 John Loynes 1-0 Roger Yates Result: 3½-2½ A match played in cold surroundings! Date: Thursday 12 February 2004 Reported by webfeedback Kidderminster 1 (home) Droitwich & St John's (away) 1 John Wrench ½-½ Peter Kitson 2 Maurice Bissell 0-1 Steve James 3 Frank Pickett ½-½ Greg Dyett 4 Mark Riley 1-0 Nick Harris 5 Gerald Link 0-1 Steve Foster 6 David Close ½-½ Arnold Kirkland Result: 2½-3½ Date: Tuesday, 24 February 2004 Reported by John Edge & Geoff Herbert Halesowen 1 (home) Malvern (away) 1 Stewart Fishburne (Capt) 0-1 Brian Turner (W) 2 John Edge 1-0 Geoff Herbert 3 Rob Thomas ½-½ Ian Clarke 4 Mark Bethel ½-½ John Knee 5 Dale Jackson ½-½ Maurice Ginger 6 Andy Ambrose 1-0 Barry Stone Result: 3½-2½ Win for Halesowen Results on boards 1 and 6 corrected on 11 May after information from Stewart. The overall
match result remains the same. Date: Friday 30 January 2004 Reported by Ray Collett Malvern (home) Worcester (away) 1 Brian Turner ½-½ Eric Myers 2 Geoff Herbert ½-½ Andy Taylor 3 Ian Clarke 1-0 Ray Collett 4 John Knee ½-½ Tony Spittle 5 Denis Spencer ½-½ Roger Yates 6 Maurice Ginger 1-0 Stuart Barber Result: 4-2 win for Malvern A good win for Malvern at their splendid new headquarters at Manor Sports and Social Club, Albert Road North. The two top boards were pacific 'grandmaster draws'. On Board 3, Ian Clarke chose to defend with the unusual Nimzowitsch Defence(1...Nc6), but Ray soon got into trouble on the king side and before he had developed Ian had a winning attack on the king. Roger Yates' game against Denis Spencer was a King's Indian and lasted the full playing sesion, Roger only resigning when Denis was in a position to queen a pawn in the ending. At one stage it seemed that that Stuart Barber, the Worcester player, had the advantage on bottom board, but he lost a piece and soon went down. Result for board 6 corrected 1-6-04 after message from Geoffrey Date: Thursday 15 January 2004 Reported by Geoffrey Herbert Kidderminster 1 (home) Malvern (away) 1 John Wrench ½-½ Brian Turner 2 Jim Friar 1-0 Geoffrey Herbert 3 Maurice Bissell ½-½ Ian Clarke 4 Frank Pickett 1-0 John Knee 5 Gerald Link 0-1 Denis Spencer 6 Dave Close ½-½ Maurice Ginger Result: 3½-2½ Win for Kidderminster Date: Thursday 8 January 2004 Reported by Ray Collett Worcester (home) Halesowen I (away) 1 Eric Myers ½-½ Stewart Fishburne 2 Andy Taylor ½-½ John Edge 3 Jim Keene 0-1 Rob K Thomas 4 Steve Mellor 1-0 Mark Bethel 5 Ray Collett ½-½ Dale Jackson 6 Tony Spittle ½-½ Peter Banks Result: 3-3 Result on board 6 corrected 19 Nov by Peter Banks.
This was a hard fought match, Worcester hoping to avenge their earlier defeat at home against Halesowen. Eric and Stewart on top board agreed an early draw. Although John Edge forced Andy Taylor to sacrifice his queen, this game was also a draw. Marke Bethel used Alekhine's Defence against Steve Mellor and Steve was able to consolidate his advantage in space and force home the win. On Board 5, Ray Collett patiently defended a Queen's Gambit Exchange position, but ran very short of time. In the ensuing melee Halesowen thought they had won on time, but after the game score had been verified, realised the claim invalid. Dale sealed the slightly weaker of two retakes but had the advantage of a pawn and position in a queen and knight ending. On bottom board, Tony Spittle sacrificed a pawn then a rook for a powerful attack on Peter Banks' king, but Peter found a way to escape with a purpetual check. At the resumption of the adjourned Dale-Collett game a week later, Ray defended carefully by creating threats to Dale's king and it was Dale's turn to be short of time. With only 2 minutes left but still a pawn up, Dale offered a draw accepted by Ray to draw the match. Date: Tuesday 16 December 2003 Reported by John Edge Halesowen 1 (home) Kidderminster 1 (away) 1 Stewart Fishburne ½-½ John Wrench 2 John Edge 0-1 Maurice Bissell 3 Rob Thomas 1-0 Marck Riley 4 Dale Jackson 1-0 David Close 5 Bob Grimes ½-½ John Gittus 6 Mike Hadley ½-½ P Thomas Result: 3½-2½ Apologies for confusing results of this match with the return fixture in March. The
corrected results above posted 24 April after helpful input from John Edge.
Date: Friday 12 December 2003 Reported by Ray Collett Kidderminster I (home) Worcester (away) 1 John Wrench 0-1 Eric Myers 2 Jim Friar ½-½ Andy Taylor 3 Maurice Bissell ½-½ Jim Keene 4 Frank Pickett 1-0 Steve Mellor 5 David Close ½-½ Ray Collett 6 Gerald Link 1-0 Tony Spittle Result: 3½-2½ Board 1 result and overall match result corrected 19 April 2004 On top board, Eric suffocated John's French Defence gaining two pawns and ended with an easy rook and pawn ending. Jim Friar was lucky on board 2. After a complex middle game, his opponent simplified to a won king and pawn ending, but miscalculated and only drew. Maurice Bissell got into trouble defending a Nimzowich Defence and both players attacked on the king side. Jim accepted the draw inspite of standing better because of pressure of time. Ray Collett always had a good game against David's Bird's Defence of the Ruy Lopez, but was unable to force anything more. Frank Pickett won on time and Gerald link trapped Tony's rook. Date: Friday 14 November 2003 Reported by Worcester Evening News & Geoff Herbert Malvern (home) Kidderminster I (away) 1 Brian Turner ½-½ Jim Friar 2 Geoffrey Herbert 0-1 Frank Pickett 3 Ian Clarke 1-0 Peter Yates 4 John Knee 1-0 Mark Riley 5 Denis Spencer ½-½ David Close 6 Maurice Ginger 1-0 Thomas Result: 4-2 Date: Monday 17 November 2003 Reported by Stewart Fishburne Droitwich & St John's (home) Halesowen 1 (away) 1 Peter Kitson 0-1 Stewart Fishburne 2 Steve James ½-½ Rob Thomas 3 David Adshead 0-1 Mark Bethel 4 Nick Harris 1-0 John Bingham 5 Steve Foster 1-0 Andy Ambrose 6 John Loynes ½-½ Mike Hadley Result: 3-3 Result on boards 1 and 4 and match result corrected 24 April Date: Thursday, 6 November 2003 Reported by Ray Collett Worcester City (home) Droitwich & St John's (away) 1 Andy Taylor ½-½ Peter Kitson 2 Jim Keene 0-1 Steve James 3 Steve Mellor 0-1 Nick Harris 4 Tony Spittle 1-0 Arnold Kirkland 5 Ray Collett 0-1 Steve Foster 6 Frank Bradbury ½-½ John Loynes Result: 2-4 This local Derby reverses last year's result. At adjournment on board 1, the position looked equal and the players eventually settled for a draw after a second adjournment. Steve Mellor got very short of time and was many moves short when his flag fell. Tony Spittle's game was the first to end, but Droitwich soon levelled when Ray Collett succumbed after defending a dubious position from a King's Indian Attack. Instead of continuing to defend dourly, Ray 'undefended' his king by advancing his g-pawn to fork Steve's rook and queen. Steve's attack was so strong that in some variations he could sacrifice the queen and still mate, but Ray lost more prosaically. Date: Tuesday, 30 September 2003 Reported by Steve Mellor Halesowen 1 (home) Worcester City (away) 1 Stewart Fishburne (Capt) 1-0 Eric Myers (W) 2 John Edge 1-0 Andy Taylor 3 Rob Thomas 0-1 Jim Keene 4 Mark Bethel 1-0 Steve Mellor (Capt) 5 Dale Jackson 1-0 Tony Spittle 6 Andy Ambrose 0-1 Roger Yates Result: 4-2 Win for Halesowen Date: Tuesday, 14 October 2003 Reported by web feedback Droitwich & St John's (home) Kidderminster (away) 1 Peter Kitson adj Maurice Bissell 2 Steve James 1-0 Frank Pickett 3 Greg Dyett 0-1 Mark Riley 4 Nick Harris 1-0 Gerald Link 5 Arnold Kirkland ½-½ David Close 6 Steve Foster 1-0 Clive Billinge Result: 3½-1½ + 1 adj Result on board 6 corrected 19 April 2004 Date: Thursday 4 December 2003 Reported by Ray Collett Kidderminster (home) Worcester (away) 1 John Wrench 1-0 Eric Myers 2 Friar ½-½ Andy Taylor 3 Maurice Bissell ½-½ Jim Keene 4 Frank Pickett 1-0 Steve Mellor (capt) 5 David Close ½-½ Ray Collett 6 Gerald Link 1-0 Andy Spittle Result: 4½-1½

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