Detailed Results 2004-5 Season Division 1

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Date: Thursday 4 November 2004
Reported by: Ray Collett
Worcester (home)                  Droitwich & St Johns (away)
1  Andy Taylor               ½-½  Peter Kitson
2  Jim Keene                 ½-½  Greg Dyett
3  Steve Mellor              ½-½  Nick Harris
4  Ray Collett               0-1  Steve Foster
5  Tony Spittle              0-1  Arnold Kirkland
6  Roger Yates               1-0  Default
Result:                     2½-3½ win for Droitwich & St Johns

Date: 12 October 2004
Reported by: Stewart Fishburne
Halesowen (home)		          Droitwich & St Johns	
1  Stewart Fishburne         1-0  Peter Kitson
2  Rob Thomas                ½-½  Steve James
3  Andy Ambrose              0-1  Gregg Dyett
4  Dale Jackson              0-1  Steve Foster
5  Windsor Peck              0-1  Arnold Kirkland
6  Graham Wyle               1-0  John Loynes
Result:                     2½-3½ win for Droitwich & St Johns

Date:  ?October 2004
Reported by: Worcester Evening News
Malvern (home)                    Droitwich & St Johns (away)
1  Brian Turner              0-1  Peter Kitson
2  Ian Clarke (cap)          0-1  Steve James
3  Geoff Herbert             ½-½  Gregg Dyett
4  John Knee                 ½-½  Nick Harris
5  Maurice Ginger            1-0  Steve Foster
6  Tony Shaw                 1-0  Arnold Kirkland
Result:                      3-3  Draw
On board 1, Brain Turner lost material in a Ruy Lopez and Ian Clarke who sacrificed a 
pawn in a complicated King's Indian also went down. Malvern successfully defended the 
match to equalise with wins on the bottom two boards.

Date:  ?October 2004
Reported by: Worcester Evening News
Halesowen 1 (home)                Kidderminster 1 (away)
1 Stewart Fishburne (cap)    ½-½  John Wrench 
2 Rob Thomas                 1-0  Maurice Bissell
3 Mark Bethel                ½-½  Jim Friar
4 Windsor Peck               ½-½  Frank Pickett
5 Mike Hadley                1-0  David Close
6 Graham Wyle                ½-½  Mark Riley
Result:                      4-2  Win for Halesowen
On top board after an unusual line in the French Defence, a draw was agreed when 
forces had doiminished to a bishop ending with opposite coloured bishops. Rob Thomas'
game saw a Modern Defence, but Maurice Bissell lost his way in the ending and
surrendered. On board 3 there was the wild Max Lange Attack, but Jim allowed
his opponent's queen to infiltrate his position to force a purpetual check. The board
4 game was equally poised after a King's Indian Attack and the players opted to agree
a draw when short of time. Mike Hadley castled long in a Sicilian and attacked on the
king side winning because his opponent was not sufficiently developed. The bottom 
board was an exciting draw.

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