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Meets at The Herdsman, Widemarsh Street, opposite the multi storey car-park. Clubnight Mon 7-11pm from Oct 1st - end June. The club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. For more information, please contact the secretary, Alan Leary (telephone, 01432 358259).

The club competitions include the Hereford Championship and a Knock-out competition.

2015-16 Season. Lee Davis in his first season at the club won the county championship, the club championship, the club knockout tournament and the Leslie Baker Memorial trophy. Kieran Lappin won the Major Knockout tournament.
2013-14 Season. Perry Walker won the county championship, Leslie Baker Memorial Cup and the Major Knockout championship. Paul Barker won the Premier Knockout tournament and Peter Johnson the Division 2 tournament.
2012-13 Season. Peter Johnson won the Major knockout tournament. Stephen Katona won the the Division 1 tournament and the Leslie Baker Memorial tournament, the latter on tie-break from Les Collard.
2011-12 Season. Nigel Beveridge retained his championship titles in the club and county. The club division 2 trophy was picked up by Kieran Lappin. Les Collard won the Leslie Baker Memorial trophy; Paul Barker the Premier Knockout; and Brian Morris the Major Knockout competitions.
2010-11 season. Nigel Beveridge won the Leslie Baker Memorial Trophy and Herefordshire Championship by half a point from Les Collard and Paul Barker. The Premier Knock Out was won by Paul Barker and the Major Knock Out by Peter Johnston. Gary Rawlings is club champion just ahead of Richard Croot. In Hereford Club's Division 2 Tournament, Roger Aris was first and Kieran Lappin runner-up.
2009-10 season. Gary Rawlings won the 2009-10 Club Championship on tie-break from Richard Croot. Paul Barker won the Premier Knockout and Keith Jones the Major Knockout.


We meet all through the year on Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30pm in The Radnorshire Arms High Street, Presteigne, Powys LD8 2BE. Players of all abilities are welcome. During the year we play matches against Hereford club and will be pleased to hear from other clubs who would like to play us. For further information about the Presteigne Chess Club, please contact Kevin Saull, telephone: 01547 560473 or David Hancock telephone 01544 598 416.


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