37th Hereford Chess Congress 29-30 August 2009

A hundred players took part in the 37th annual Herefordshire Chess Association held at Aylestone School, Hereford over the bank holiday weekend. Three tournaments, a prize fund of over £1000, and excellent tournament conditions attracted master strength players from Wales, all parts of England and an entrant from France.

Hal Bottomley, President of Herefordshire Chess Association, said he was pleased with the increase in numbers. The tournaments were controlled by Phil Meade (English Chess Federation Arbiter) and catering was provided by the Ross St Barnabus Girl Guides.

  At the start of the final round games in the Open. All four players in the foreground tied for first place with 4½ points. Left to right: Richard Bryant (Oswestry), Sven Zeidler (Nationwide), Carl Bicknell (Burton-on-Trent and Oxford University), and Iolo Jones (Cardigan). Picture: Ray Collett


First equal – Carl Bicknell (Burton-on-Trent and Oxford University), Richard Bryant (Oswestry), Iolo Jones (Cardigan), Sven Zeider (Nationwide) all on 4½ points. Hereford players ended down the field with Les Collard, Richard Croot, Nigel Beveridge all scoring 2½ points. Rudy van Kerranade (Cardigan) won the grading prize.


First Sola Falayan (Sutton Coldfield with 5 points); second equal – Mike Hadley (Halesowen), Andy Price (Leamington), and Simon Smith (Warley Quinborne) all on 4½ points. Hereford players Garry Rawlings finished on 3 ½ points; Paul Barker and Alan Papier on 3; and Adam Innes on 2. Parri Delo (Caernarfon), Nigel Dicker (Glastonbury), and Andrew Wiggins (Alcester) won grading prizes.


First John Clark (Worcester City) with 5 points; second equal – Gregory Bailey (Netherton) and Charles Keen (Exeter) both on 4½ points. Stephen Rees (Glasbury-on-Wye) scored 3½, the promising junior David Austin (Ross-on-Wye) 2, and Barry Griffiths (Hereford) 1½ points.

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