Terafinals in Loughborough 18 & 19 August 2012
New Silver Plate Tournaments

Terafinal and Challengers 2012

Thirty two players, won invitations to the 2012 Terafinal at Loughborough from the the Northern and Southern Gigafinals. These players will compete for the £8,000 prize fund. Players who came 2nd or 3rd equal in the Gigafinals are invited to one of the three Challengers' sections, each with a top prize of £500.

Matthew Fergusson (K Edward VI Sch, Fiveways, Birmingham) in the under-12, James Friar (Hagley HS and Worc Jun Chess Acad) in the under-15, and Philip Purcell (K Edward VI Sch, Fiveways, Birmingham) are the three Worcestershire Megafinalists who have invitations to the Challengers Tournament.

Northern Silver Plate Tournament

The Northern Plate tournament will take place at Saddleworth, Oldham on 25 August. It is open to all Gigafinalists who scored 3½ points or more yet did not get one of the top three places at Derby. About about 200 players at Derby qualify for this new event. The winner of the tournament will be offered a chance to represent the UK in the European Junior Championships in 2013. A similar tournament is being run on the same day in Surrey for players who just missed out for the Terafinal in the Southern Gigafinals. These plate tournaments are run due to the generosity of Jamie and Sir John Ritblat.