2010-11 Knock Out Cup Tournament
Last updated 20 April 2011

Semi final results

Steve Mellor, the defending champion is through to the finals. Jim Keene and Ed Osbourn's game in May saw Ed going through to the final.


Round 1
By 16 Dec
Quarter Finals
By 17 Mar
Semi Finals
By 21 April
On 12 or 19 May
(w) Rob Sutton
0 - 1
(b) Pat Greenow
(w) Ed Osbourn
1 - 0
(b) Pat Greenow

Jim Keene (w)

Ed Osbourn (b)

(w) John Clark
½ - ½, 0 - 1
(b) Ed Osbourn
Jim Keene
(w) Chris Godrey
0 - 1
(b) Jim Keene
Steve Mellor
(w) Ray Collett
0 -1
(b) Steve Mellor
Steve Mellor (w)
1 - 0
Phil Smith (b)
(w) Roger Yates
½ - ½, 0 - 1
(b) Ray Collett
(w) Colin Vernon
0 - 1
(b) Phil Smith
(w) Aiden Binding
0 - 1
( b) Phil Smith
(w) Aiden Binding
1 - 0
( b) George Henderson

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Rules for Knock Out

Time control 35 moves in 1h 15 minutes with an extra 15 minutes quickplay finish.
In the event of a drawn game replay the game with colours reversed. This can be at standard play (eligible for grading) if both players agree or the default method of resolving the result is by means of a 5-minute game.
In the event that the second (5-minute) game is drawn, a final Armageddon game will decide: the player of the white pieces must win to gain a place in the next round. In compensation black has only 4 minutes, whereas white has 5 minutes on the clock. Toss for colours for the Armageddon game.
Venue. You can play on a non-club night at another club (by arrangement) or at home. You may borrow equipment by arrangement with Ray Collett.

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