Arena tournament results 2021

The arena tournaments use a playing session of 2 hours and games with a 10 minutes plus 5 seconds increment from move 1 time control. Players may choose to 'Berserk' offering the odds of a draw but gaining three points for a win

In the table below, dates are links to full results on the lichess website. The lichess site gives names of silver and bronze medal winners and scores of all players and links to games.

  Gold medal winner Perf rating score/games Arena points
16 Aug Richard Croot   6/8 15
New players shook up the order. Malvernmorphy gained Silver position on first appearance and on Bronze was Kapano Matl, on his second appearance in the arena. Full results.
9 Aug Kieran Lappin 2136 5/7 12
Bserking was back. Second was Hereford Cathedral School player MMD and Dillan Duke won Bronze. Full results.
2 Aug Richard Croot 2257 5/5 10
In this week’s tournament no berserking was allowed and it attacted more players than last week. A clean sweep for Richard Croot with Tom Skerrett on Silver and Kieran Lappin on Bronze. Full results.
26 Jul Richard Croot 2133 6/7 16
Richard Croot won Gold, Kieran Lapping, Silver and Miles won Bronze. Twenty seven games were completed. Full results.
19 Jul Richard Croot 1968 4/6 11
Richard Croot was dominant including 3 Berserk wins. He won the Gold Medal. Dave Hancock was impressive with 4 wins and a Performance of 2316. He won the Silver Medal. Perry Walker returned to the Podium winning the Bronze Medal. Full results.
12 Jul Dave Hancock 2184 4/5 9
For the second week Dave was on top. John Preece won Silver and Jarassa Bronze. Full results.
5 Jul Dave Hancock 1913 3/5 7
Kieran Lappin got Silver and Tommy Trigger Finger made it to the podium for the first time with Bronze. Full results.
28 Jun Perry Walker 2229 5/5 12
This night, players experimented using Zoom while playing and unlike previous rounds, there was no 5 second increment. . Nick Hanne secured Silver and John Preece Bronze. Full results.
21 Jun Dillan Duke 2047 5/7 15
Dillan returnedand was merciless winning by a large margin. Silver was Kieran Lappin and Bronze Dave Hancock. Dave Thomas also retuned for a game. Full results.
14 Jun John Croot 1809    
John won Gold by using Berserk strategically and to advantage with a tournament performance nearly 400 points below Perry Walker who won Silver. Kieran Lappin gat Bronze. *Full results.
7 Jun Perry Walker 2183 4/4 11
Kieran Lappin Silver. Michael Chester Bronze. Full results.
31 May Richard Croot 2021 4/6 12
Richard won Gold by making use of Berserk, leaving Jarasa, who had a tournament performance of 2521, in second position. Kieran Lappin won Bronze. Full results.
24 May Jarasa 2079 5/5 10
Jarasa won Gold, Kieran Lappin, Silver, and Richard Croot, Bronze. Full results.
17 May Geoffrey Marchant 2105 8/9 9
In spite of winning all his 7 games, Dillan had to settle for Silver behind Geoffrey Marchant. Richard Croot got Bronze. Amir Ibrahim had one of his best nights winning two games. Full results.
10 May Richard Croot 2269 6/7 15
Richard Croot won Gold, Dillan Duke, Silver, and Kieran Lappin Bronze. Full results.
3 May Richard Croot 1983 4/7 10
The medal winners were: Gold, Richard Croot; Silver, Dillan Duke; and Bronze, Perry Walker, who had an IM-level tournament performance. Full results.
26 Apr Dillan Duke 2273 7/7 21
Dillan Duke was on blistering form. He annihilated his opponents with seven straight Berserk games (where you get half the time of your opponent) wins. A long way behind Kieran Lappin secured the Silver position and Perry Walker secured Bronze. Full results.
19 Apr Richard Croot 2326 5/5 10
An off-night for Dillan and newcomer Amir Ibrahim scored his first points. Full results.
12 Apr Dillan Duke 2305 6½/7 16
The tournament welcomed back old and new friends from the Cathedral School and added Zoom for live chat at the arena. Full results.
5 Apr Dillan Duke 2169 5/6 13
A close race for the top spot. Richard Croot won silver and newcomer Miles secured the bronze position. Full results.
29 Mar Dillan Duke 2304 6½/7 15
Richard Croot came second playing ten games, but accuracy was compromised. Perry Walker got bronze. Dillan joined a year ago when many players could beat him, but youth knows no bounds and he now regularly thrashes his erstwhile coach and is a regular first place winner. Full results.
22 Mar Dillan Duke 2187 4½/6 10
David Hancock won silver and Richard Croot bronze. Full results.
15 Mar Dillan Duke 2270 5/6 11
Cathedral School players played well. Richard Croot was second and Kieran Lappin third. Full Results.
8 Mar Dillan Duke 2291 5/6 11
Dillan Duke regained gold position on tie-break, with Perry Walker second and Richard Croot winning bronze. Full results.
1 Mar Richard Croot 1931 4/7 13
Players experimented using Zoom while they played and the event was attended by new players from Hereford Cathedral School. An unintended change also gave players who won games in a row (arena streaks) extra points. Richard Croot won gold, Tom Skerrett secured his first podium winning silver and Perry Walker won bronze. Full results.
22 Feb Perry Walker 2074 4/6 9
An on-form Perry Walker was first in a tournament where four were more highly graded than himself. Dillan Duke won silver and Geoffrey Marchant bronze. Full results.
15 Feb Kieran Lappin 1979 3/5 7
Kieran Lappin won gold medal with Dillan Duke on silver and Perry Walker taking bronze. Kieran commented that he felt lucky because Dillan was paired twice against a strong player and Kieran was gifted a game when one of his opponents failed to respond in time. Full results.
8 Feb Dillan Duke 2417 4/4 9
Dillan Duke was first and long absent Richard Croot returned to take silver medal. Kieran Lappin took bronze by a whisker on tie-break from Perry Walker and John Preece. Full results.
1 Feb Dillan Duke 1935 4/7 11
After an earlier outage, the lichess server was operating in time for the Marches Arena tournament. Dillan Duke was again first with Kieran Lappin in silver position and Dave Hancock on bronze. See full results.
25 Jan Dillan Duke 2037 3½/5 9
Dillan Duke just pipped Brian Turner for the Gold position. If Brian had chosen berserk or not had breaks he might have won. John Preece got the Bronze medal. Full results.
18 Jan Dillan Duke 2190 6/7 15
Dillan Duke again won the gold medal, but this time by a country mile and Perry Walker the silver. Kieran Lappin won the bronze. See full results.
11 Jan Dillan Duke 2083 3/5 9
Dillan Duke followed up his successes in ECF tournaments by winning the gold medal in the online arena. Perry walker won the silver and Dave Hancock the bronze. Full results.
4 Jan Perry Walker 2409 4/4 8
In the first tournament of 2021, Perry Walker was first on tie break from David Hancock (silver) and Steve Shaw (bronze). Full results.

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