Players registered and allocated grades for Knockout Cup 2017-8

Note from Ray Collett, tournament secretary

Club secretaries have been notified by e-mail of these proposals. Players were listed according to club affiliations notified to the Worcestershire League secretary and players listed in the August 2017 grading list. Where a grade for play in the Knock Out Cup is shown, it should be the same as that published in the ECF on-line revised grading list published in August 2017. Please let me know as soon as possible if I have made transcription errors. Where a grade is shown as e, it has been estimated from an earlier published grade or is based on evidence of playing strength in games not recorded on the database. If a team captain wishes to appeal against estimated grades, please contact me by e-mail as soon as possible. If no appeal is made by the time a match is played the allocated grades on this page apply (but a grade will be altered for subsequent matches if there is an error or succesful appeal against an estimated grade).

New players can be registered for play in the KO Cup up to 48 hrs before a match by team captains or club secretaries by telephone or e-mail to the tournament secretary. Substitutions after this time must be approved by the tournament secretary. Please let me know as soon as possible of any new or ungraded players in your club who may wish to play in this tournament.

Key issues about team players and grades from rules

  • Only registered players listed on this page may play for teams in the KO Cup
  • The KO Cup tournament is separate from the Worcestershire League and a player may be registered for different teams in these competitions
  • Team members must play in strict grade order with highest graded playing on board 1
  • Members of a team should have a total of no more than 750 or less than 290 grading points (a team captain should contact the tournament secretary for advice before a match if a team selection is likely to breaches these limits).
  • Players with a published or estimated grade of below 50 will be allocated a grade of 50 (shown as 50*) for the KO Cup tournament.
  • No more than one ungraded player (shown with asterisks in the table below) may play for a team in each match except by special application.
2017-8 players are. Cleak, David 295458J (106); Collett Ray 108621C (145); Hargreaves, John 288834J (90*); Kirkland, Arnold 128994K (104); McMillan Ian 248282E (165); Parkes, Tom 152027B (88); Radford, Terry 286160E (98); Watson, WW (Bill) 121232B (101). Last revised 1 Nov.
2017-8 players are: Allsop, Brian (105666K, 93); Bignall, P (Spike) (TBA, u/g); Cassidy, Frank (108097A, 66); Collett, Richard (108620A, 107); Crees, Steve (307486K, 99); Cummins, J (TBA, u/g); Fothergill, J (TBA, u/g); Furniss, Paul (TBA, 119); Grant, D (TBA, u/g); Grayland, Stan (308744L, 111); Harris, Geoff (294322A, 77); Hendrickson, Jason (209461H, u/g); Jukes, A (TBA, u/g); Mason, Gary (307487A, 95); Peters, Roy (152169L, 142); Pugh, Dave W (117514C, 134); Tambie, B (TBA, u/g); Ian Truscott (120615B, 121); Laurence Wheatley (121438L, 144). Last revised 1 Nov.
2017-8 players are: Billinge, Clive128764D (116); Bishop, Luke TBA (u/g); Bishop, Roy TBA (u/g); Bissell, Maurice106812L (156); Chester, John 274837L (137); Close, David 242437L (144); Crowther, Jeremy TBA (u/g); DeHavilland, Kayleigh TBA (u/g); DeHavilland Simon TBA (u/g); Friar, James 275649D (156); Friar, Joe (275633L) 174; Furtado, James 311240 (u/g); Giangordano, Michael TBA (u/g); Gittus, John 156963G (117); Knight, James TBA (u/g); Knight, Emma TBA (u/g); Kitchen, Michael183526K (110); Littleford, Liz TBA (u/g); Moore, Rachael TBA (u/g); Nimmo, Catherine TBA (u/g); Pountney, Terry 183529E (85); Preece, Alan 292864E (136); Riley, Mark 117964A (137); Spowart, David 277850G (130); Thomas, Paul 120284E (99); Varilone, John 178102K (134); Watson, Joseph 121214L (170); Waud, David 303821L (137); Whitehead, John 295364L (121); Wrench, John 127123E (161); Yates, Tim 127209D (106); Last revised 1 Nov.
Malvern 2017-8 registrations: Butcher Michael (298878B, 123); Canham, Leigh (291071J, 158); Chester, (Michael 306214E, 115); Clarke, Ian (139005D, 166); Davis, Lee (109427A, 176); Fairbrass, Paul (282662J, 78); Fallowfield, Jeremy (224226J, 193); Goodwin, Dominic (104253B 204); Herbert, Geoffrey (157338L,155); Jordan, Matthew (292990K, 139); Knee, John (127661L, 148); Marchant, Geoff (114901F, 175); Rose, Nigel (193); McGrath, Alex (TBA, e88); Turner, Brian (120670K, 170); Last revised 1 Nov.
Mercia 2017-8 registrations: Bateson Chris 230972F (104); Cox Alan 282320C (82); Cox, Chris 295887K (111); Deeley Stuart 299871D (102); Francis, Ken 110855E (131); Heathcock, Chris 194440L (94); Hodkinson, David 303768L (122); Hodkinson, Peter 249822E (100); Hubbard Peter 275027C (91); Tony Lowke 288997D (73); Hunt, Jonathan 282319G (146); McCumiskey Andrew P 115243K (181); Perks Derek W 139665B (129); Phillips John 165214L (137); Share, Mike 118756K (133); Smith R Barry 119187B (119); Thompson Peter 120344H (192); Ward Kevan 299870B (79); Webb, David 143305C (105); Last revised 29 Jan for new grading list.
Redditch 2017-8 registrations: Abraham, Derek 256337L (97); Boswell, Gary 186693L (155); Bricknell, Robert 234732F (126); Clack, Ian 108369H (102); Clack, Michele 108370D (108); Cole, Jason 128813B (138); Cox, Glenn 274840L (157); Crockett, Stephen 279615G (146); Day, A Kevin 271358F (121); Greda, Kinga TBA (U/g); Lambourne, Dan 259447L (181); A (Toni) Reed 299115K (95); Sargent, Harry 295533H (93); Seeley, Peter 280842A (127); Smith, T David M 281549H (145); Stanton, Giles 172186A (132); Tillotson, David TBA (u/g); Towers, Nigel 165392B (160); Jonathon Vaughan 139684F (168). Last revised 1 Nov.
Shirley & Wythall
Shirley & Wythall 2017-8 registrations: Asbury, Jon A 105876K (135); Ball, Roger 277892A (118); Briggs, Steven 266335B (178); Christie, Gordon SG 108350J (154); Dale, Jonathan 183296H (164); Donovan, John P 266159H (92); Eardley, John 110031C (77); Fallowfield, Jeremy R 242226J (193); Freeman, John 110900F (146); Galloway, Iain A 111028H (192); Gilbert, Kim T 111228E (127); Ingram, Keith R 113372L (168); Jimenez, Frank C 113645J (145); Knee, Barry 260399J (83); Mason, Donald J 115042L (200); Mycock, Ken 143010F (144); Peace, Arnold 126132A (128); Phillips, Gary 249833K (74); Pitt, Chris W 129346B (141); Purcell, Philip 275018B (181); Purcell, Robert J 139783H (134); Robinson, Thomas D 187492F (177); Simpson, Richard 270903L (94); Thomas, David R 120253E (161); Ward, Eric 121115J (152). Last revised 10 Apr.
Worcester City
2017-8 players are: Collett, Ray 108621C (143); Farthing, Andrew 267733H (145*); Ben Fuller 286316K (143), Greenow, Pat 233506C (88e); Harris, Nick 166289C (164); Hayles, Robin (Chess Scotland1502); Hesketh, John 291296L (77); Isherwood, Joe 273634C (87*); Keene, Jim 135818C (154); Kitson, Peter 127645B (174); Macnaughton, Alistair 179529G (159); Mellor, Stephen 230883G (162); Nicholls, Doug TBA (70e); Nicholls, Stephen 298193C (80e); Roberts, David L 137850J (152); Smith, Phil 278546J (120) ; Stephen, Alaric 259364G (140); Sutton, Rob 285049H (126); Vernon, Colin 269827E (93); Walkowiak, Rob 289043E (115*); Yates, Roger 248746K (93); Last revised 29 Jan for new grading list.
Six-digit number and letter is the national grading base ID; Final number is current grade, where u/g is ungraded, the suffix e is our estimate and asterisk is last previously published grade, but currently ungraded.