Last updated 5 May 2018

Redditch and Shirley & Wythall are 2018 finalists

2018 Final: Shirley & Wythall win KO Cup

3 May. Shirley & Wythall 3.5 - 1.8 Redditch. Although designated as the away team, Shirley & Wythall played Redditch in the final at Wythall on 3 May. The final was overseen by the controller, Laurence, as in previous years. Shirley had a slightly higher graded team and needed to overcome a 0.5 point handicap. This was achieved in fine style and Gordon Christie, captain of the Shirley team was awarded the trophy by Laurence Wheatley.


The KO Cup team handicap tournament for the Wheatley Memorial Cup was started by Laurence Wheatley in 2003. The cup, hereafter referred to as the "knock out cup" was presented to Worcestershire Chess Association for a knockout team handicap tournament. The tournament is designed using a handicap system based on the ECF grading system. The handicap tariff gives good opportunities for weaker teams to win on handicap. To encourage participation, the competition is not limited to clubs directly affiliated to Worcestershire Chess Association. Games in this tournament are not sent for grading and do not require ECF membership or payment of Game Fee. Strong players who face much weaker opponents have nothing fear except a red face if they lose. Last season's rules revisions successfully avoided draws and there have been minor revisions to the rules this year. In the 2017-8 competition we use the January grading list for matches played after January 2018.

The games in this competition are not graded because this tournament is intended to give the underdogs chances to win and to be fun.

Controller: Laurence Wheatley (text messages only please): 07752 328 267
Deputy controller: Maurice Bissell: 01562 60146
Tournament secretary: Ray Collett: 01905 454 754


The draw

Quarter finals Semi-finalists Final
Mercia (H) - Worcester (A)
2.5 - 3.2
Shirley & Wythall (H) - Worcester (A)
4.0 - 3.5

Kidderminster (H) - Redditch (A)
3.1 - 3.5

Redditch (H) - Shirley & Wythall (A)
3.5 - 1.8
Malvern (H) - Kidderminster (A)
3.0 - 5.4
Redditch (H) - Droitwich (A)
4.1 - 1.5
Greenlands (H) - Shirley & Wythall (A)
2.5 - 4.5

Arranging match dates and venues: The team designated as playing at home has responsibility for arranging the match date and venue and should let the tournament secretary have a note of the agreed date. If there is no convenient club night, teams may play a designated home match away. If neither team has a suitable available date, please consider playing at a neutral venue. The designated away team has choice of colours when playing at home or at a neutral venue. If a designated away team agrees to play at home, then the travelling team will have choice of colours. If, with club commitments, a home team has no convenient club night on which to play the match, please consult the tournament secretary and consider playing at a neutral venue.


Players registered for the KO Cup

Captains are reminded that ungraded players must be registered and assigned a grade by competition officials for the purposes of this competition before a match is played.


Previous Seasons

In last season's competion the 2016-7 winners, Redditch beat Kidderminster in a close match

Historical results can be viewed using the KO archive page.