Last updated 20 April 2017

Worcestershire Correspondence Chess

Correspondence chess

Originally correspondence play was by means of moves exchanged by post. It is still possible to play this way, but most players prefer to play by e-mail or using a chess webserver. The current ECF team county tournaments are played by webserver, so that all members of the team can see the current state of play on each board of the competition. The slow tempo of play leads good players to explore highly theoretical opening variations, because it is difficult to force wins without producing very unbalanced positions. Correspondence chess is suitable for players who have access to the internet and who are housebound or whose responsibilities at work or home make it very difficult to play over-the-board games. Last year Worcestershire A came second in the Butler Thomas Division 3 competition and achieved promotion into Division 2 for the 2016-7 season. Worcestershire team's best performance was in 1986 when Worcestershire I won the Sinclair trophy in the County & District Correspondence Championship. In 1980 and 2004 Worcestershire II won the Brown-Pond shield, the Division 2 trophy.


If you would like to play correspondence chess starting in October 2017, please contact Jim Keene on 01905 458417.


2016-7 season team and results

Worcestershire has two teams. The A team play in Division 3 of the English inter-couties team competition for the Sinclair trophy and Worcestershire B play in Division 3 for the Butler Thomas trophy. Games in the ECF Team Tournament have started for the 2016-7 season and continue until the end of July 2017.


In mid April 2017, both Worcestershire teams were mid-table. Worcestershire A had 4 points and one came to finish and Worcestershire B team had scored 7 points and there were three games still to be completed.

Visit the International Correspondence Chess Federation server to see the latest results and moves in each game.



Click relevant tournament for results
Season Competition Season Competition
2001-2 Brown Pond 2009-10 Sinclair & Brown Pond
2001-2 Ward Higgs 2010-11 Sinclair & Brown Pond
2002-3 Brown Pond 2011-12 no competition
2002-3 MCCU 2012-13 Ward Higgs
2002-3 Ward Higgs 2012-13 Sinclair
2003-4 Brown Pond 2013-4 Sinclair
2003-4 MCCU 2014-5 Butler Thomas
2003-4 Ward Higgs 2015-6 Butler Thomas
2007-8 Sinclair & Brown Pond 2016-7 Sinclair & Butler Thomas
2008-9 Sinclair & Brown Pond  

Reporting results

When you finish a correspondence game in the ECF Inter-Counties Team Tournament, please let me know and I'll post the result on these pages.

Midland Counties Chess Union PC Gibbs Tournament

Worcestershire players have not competed in this tournament. Visit the MCCU correspondence individual Tournament webpage. The season starts in September and finishes in August. Each player has simultaneous games with each of the other players in the tournament. There is no entry fee. For the rules of this tournament click here (opens in new window).

Worcester & Malvern Dragons BCCL Div 1 team

Malvern club has long had a correspondence team and recently recruited players from Worcester. The current team plays in Division I of the British Correspondence Chess League. In the 2016-7 season the team has fared poorly. Results and game scores are available from the ICCF server.