Last updated 14 April 2016

Woodcock prize for the most enterprising game


This prize is offered annually for the most enterprising game played by a Worcestershire player within the season. To enter the 2016 competition, send your game score to Ray Collett before the end of April 2016. The presentation is usually made at the annual meeting. The most recent winner of this prize was Jim Keene (Worcester).

Geoff Marchant wins 2016 award

See game score and critical position.

Jack Woodcock

The prize was established by players' subscriptions in 1968 to commemorate the contributions made to Worcestershire chess by Jack Woodcock in the post-war years. The first award was made in 1969.

Jack Woodcock was county secretary in the mid-1950s and died in 1968 when he was President of the Association. I am indebted to Eric Horwill for the information that follows. Jack was a larger-than-life character and the main organiser of chess in Worcestershire during the post- war years. He had a notably dry sense of humour. He was a member of Stourport Chess Club and also organised a team for Steatite Porcelain playing in Division II for the Cobham Trophy. Eric writes: "I can remember cycling with Mike Perrins to matches when Steatite hosted King Edward's School Stourbridge" in the 1949-50 season. Jack's play was very sharp and he was always ready for a 'skittles' game with younger players, often sacrificing material for early attacks. Jack was a prime mover in the 100 board matches involving Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and Staffordshire as well as the Braine-Hartnell matches with Goucestershire. In one of those matches the venue was the Guildhall Worcester. Jack always invited a large number of schools to send players to represent Worcestershire in these events, thus ensuring the team's future. Eric Horwill summarises: Jack's "...contribution to Worcestershire chess was remarkable and unique. During this period he was Worcestershire!"

Previous winning games

Barry Stone - Geoffrey Herbert in Malvern Club Championship: Annotated score.

Stewart Fishburne (Halesowen)-Alan Agnew (Warley): Annotated score of Stewart's win in 2013. This game can also be viewed using a game viewer on Halesowen Club's website.

Jim Keene (Worcester)- Robert Thomas (Halesowen): score of Jim Keene's winning entry in 2004.