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  • Marches Area Monday night 3 May 2021. Play online at lichess.org starting 7:30pm. The format is 10 minutes plus an increment of 5 seconds. To receive password and invitation to participate, contact Kieran Lappin
  • West Midlands Area League . The Spring season has concluded and we await the date for start of the Summer 2021 season.

Recent news

Marches Area Arena online

26 Apr. Dillan Duke was on blistering form. He annihilated his opponents with seven straight Berserk (where you get half the time of your opponent) wins. A long way behind Kieran Lappin secured the Silver position and Perry Walker secured Bronze. Full results.

Hereford players score in 4NCL online

25 Apr, Kieran Lappin reports. Dillan Duke narrowly missed out of a first position on tie-break in the 4NCL online under-2000 tournament. Kieran was sixth out of 45 in the under-1700 tournament.

Marches Area Arena online

19 Apr. Richard Croot secured gold. Dillan had an off-night and newcomer Amir scored his first points. Full results.

Hereford improve in West Midlands online

22 Apr. Although still foot of the table, team captain Kieran Lappin was not displeased. Match results had been closer and an aggregate draw achieved against Warwick University Alumni. The team played in the top division and doubled the points scored from last season. He thanked players from Malvern and Presteigne clubs who supported Hereford’s campaign. In the last match of the season, Hereford lost 2-6 to Worcester (score card).

Hereford draw with Warwick University Alumni

15 Apr. In the penultimate round of the 2021 Spring season of the West Midlands Area online league, Hereford scored a 4-4 overall draw.

Marches Area Arena online chess

12 Apr. Dillan Duke was first. The tournament welcomed back old and new friends from the Cathedral School and added Zoom for live chat at the arena. Full results.
5 Apr. Dillan Duke had a close race with Richard Croot for the top spot. Newcomer Miles secured the bronze position. Full results.
29 Mar. Richard Croot came second to Dillan Duke. Richard sacrificed accuracy for speed completing ten games. Perry Walker got bronze. Dillan joined a year ago when many players could beat him, but youth knows no bounds and he now regularly thrashes his erstwhile coach and is a regular first place winner. Full results.

Hereford lose to Longbridge

25 Mar. Geoffrey Marchant was the sole winner in the first match of the West Midlands Area online league. Nick Hann and Michael Horne also secured draws against much higher rated opponents, but the team went down 2-6.

Marches Area Arena online chess

22 Mar. Dillan Duke won gold, David Hancock silver, and Richard Croot bronze. Full results.
15 Mar. Regular top place went to Dillan yet again. Richard Croot was second and Kieran Lappin third. Cathedral School players played well. Full results.
8 Mar. Dillan Duke regained gold position, with Perry Walker second and Richard Croot winning bronze. Full results.
1 Mar. Players experimented using Zoom while they played and the event was attended by new players from Hereford Cathedral School. An unintended change also gave players who won games in a row (arena streaks) extra points. Richard Croot won gold, Tom Skerrett secured his first podium winning silver and Perry Walker won bronze. Full results.

Junior in ECF Caplin and 4NCL online tournaments

17 Jan, Kieran Lappin reports. Ross-based junior player Dillan Duke scored 2½/5 in the Four Nations Chess League Open Online tournament. Kieran played in the under-1700 and scored 3/5. See full results
4 Jan, Kieran Lappin reports. Dillan scored 3/7 in the ECF Caplin online under-14 tournament and 3½/9 points in the under-14 Blitz competition.

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