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Worcestershire chess websites are being re-organised. Worcestershire Chess Association has its own new site - see below - which publishes 2018-9 county chess news, 2018-9 Worcestershire Chess League and Worcestershire Junior Chess Academy. It is planned to move pages relating to county teams before the end of September and later all archived results will be moved.

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Worcester City Chess Club

Worcestershire Junior Chess Academy

Worcester Knights and Pawns Chess Club

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Worcestershire Chess Association NEW site

Worcestershire Chess Association OLD site with archive

Herefordshire Chess Association

Chess leagues

Please note all over-the-
board evening leagues are currently (October 2020) suspended because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Only the West Midlands Area online league is currenly running


West Midlands Area online League

Worcestershire Chess League

Worcester & District Chess League

Dudley & District Chess League

Birmingham & District Chess League

Wolverhampton & District Chess League

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Midland Counties Chess Union

4NCL - Four Nations' Chess League

English Chess Federation

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The old Worcestershire chess sites at http://home.clara.net/collett/ are no longer maintained and most pages have been removed.