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Longbridge admitted to league

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7 Sep. First match result in new season. In Division 3, Longbridge beat Stourbridge 3½-1½

11 Aug. League meeting. The annual meeting at the Stag and Three Horseshoes (Warley Quinborne venue) re-elected Paul Sharratt as President and John Fahy as Secretary. Longbridge’s application to enter the league was agreed. The meeting fixed rating limits of u2000 for Divion 1, u1800 for Division 2, and u1600 for Division 3. Longbridge would play Warley Quinborne in four matches to determine the League Championship. In the other divisions, teams will play home and away. Mercia, Oscott, South Birmingham and Wolverhampton play in Division 2; and Kidderminster, Kynoch, Longbridge, Stourbridge and Warley quinborne in Division 3.

12 Jun. League players at Birmingham Rapidplay. Chris Evans and Singhal Saket of Mutual Circle played. Chris scored 4 points in the Intermediate and Saket 3½ points in the Minor tournaments.

3 May 2022. Halesowen Club have a new venue at The Townsend Social Club, 2 Stourbridge Road, Halesowen B63 3US. The club meets at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings.

4 Apr 2022. It with sadness that we report the death of David Anderton of Walsall Chess Club. See tributes from the Birmingham & District League and ECF.