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Published 21 December 2015

2014-5 season news

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Stephen Mellor 2015 club champion

1 Dec. Stephen Mellor was declared the 2015 winner after Peter Kitson and himself had played one game resulting in a draw. Pressure of academic work made it impossible for Peter Kitson to play the return game and the championship was awarded to Stephen..

Summer Chess

20 Aug. Members collected over £64 for Maggs Day Centre for the homeless at its Summer Chess Worcester Festival event kindly hosted by King Charles House in the centre of the city.

City players at the British

5 Aug. Andrew Farthing and Ray Collett travelled to Warwick to wish John Edge (Halesowen) and Keith Arkell (Stourbridge) good results in the championship and enjoy the free commentary. We met former member Andrew Taylor, who has been maintaining his chess on the Internet. Colin Vernon's best result was in a weekender scoring 3/5.

180th Annual meeting

28 May. After several years as secretary Andrew Farthing retired from the post and Ray Collett takes over. A newcomer to the executive was Colin Vernon who takes over the captaincy of the knock out team. The treasurer reported a deficit on the year and members approved increases in subscriptions for 2015-6 season. Team captains reported the City team ended in third position in Division 1 of the County League; the Bishops team was third in Division 1 of the District league; the Pawns team shared first position in Division 2, and are likely to share the Division 2 title with Stourbridge; and the knockout team were losing finalists in the Wheatley Cup competition.

Club Championship undecided

20 May. Peter Kitson played Stephen Mellor in final, but the game was drawn.

Mellor wins Rapidplay Championship

21 May. Stephen Mellor beat Peter Kitson in the final. The semi-finals, Peter Kitson beat Alaric Stephen and in the second, Stephen Mellor beat Ray Collett.The eight players getting into the quarter finals were: Ray Collett, John Hesketh, Peter Kitson, Steve Mellor, David Roberts, Alaric Stephen, and Rob Sutton.

Worcester quickplay team beat Nunnery Wood High School and Worcester beat Droitwich

30 Apr. In a home friendly match Worcester won 4-1: (1) Sutton 1-0 Kirkland; (2) Smith 1-0 Watson; (3) Hesketh 0-1 Radford; (4) Yates 1-0 Parkes; (5) Deering 1-0 Cleak. The home team won by a wider margin than expected, but first to score was Terry Radford from Droitwich. Rob Sutton soon equalised the score smashing through with an attack on his opponent's king. Max Deering, a promising young player at Haley Castle High School played a mature game to win a rook and pawn ending on board 5.
29 Apr. The Worcester quickplay team played the first match against a school team for many years. The team played away at Nunnery Wood High School and won 5-1.

Club championship sees Collett, Mellor, Kitson and Harris progress

30 Apr. Stephen Mellor beat Ray Collett. 23 Apr. Peter Kitson beat Nick Harris. All the knock out stage matches went to form and the club's two strongest players slug it our for the championship. 18 Apr. In the quarter-finals Ray Collett, Stephen Mellor and Peter Kitson go through to the semi-finals. Nick Harris and David Roberts had a draw in the first game and Nick prevailed in the second game. In the semi-finals Collett plays Mellor and Kitson plays Harris.

Worcester player's win at Golders Green Rapidplay

14 Feb. City player Colin Vernon scored 4½ points from 6 games to come third in the under-125 minor tournament.

Club championship latest

2 Apr. From the preliminary rounds Phil Smith and Colin Vernon go into the last eight

Unexpected Blitz winner

12 Feb. In the annual five-minute tournament, Ray Collett was first. His path to glory started in round 1 when he defeated Steve Mellor, the club's strongest player. The tournament was wide-open after round 2 because Collett lost to Rob Sutton. From now on Collett did not look back and won his remaining games, scoring 8 points from 9 games to level with Sutton. In the final, Collett faced Sutton for the second time in the evening, but this time won to take first prize.

Mixed fortunes in January ratings for City players

31 Jan. New member Alaric Stephen enters the list at 122, and Colin Vernon advances to 96, but President David Roberts suffers fall to 145. Marginal gains were made by Stephen Mellor, 185; Nick Harris, 164; Jim Keene, 154; and Roger Yates 90.

Xmas variant chess

18 Dec. As is traditional, members celebrated with a night of chess variants. New member Alaric drew with Ray at Kriegspiel, a version where neither player sees opponents' moves and has to infer positions of opponent's pieces from attempted illegal moves. Colin celebrated his joint first place in the recent Coulsdon Chess tournament and Rob, master of ceremonies, was upstaged by Alaric's sartorial elegance.

Treasurer meets Schach Klub Turm Kleve

16 Oct. Ray Collett was invited to play for Turm Kleve (GER) in an international inter-club friendly speed chess tournament against Millingen aan de Rijn (NED) when he visited Kleve with Worcester Twinning Association.

John Hesketh makes largest gain in July ratings

24 Jul. John made a gain of 7 points to 92 and overtakes Roger Yates. Higest rated is Steve Mellor gaining three points to 182. David Roberts, Jim Keene and Ray Collett and Phil Smith gained a few points.

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