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Last updated 1 Apr 2022

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2021-2 Season

Mixed fortunes in 2022 matches

31 Mar. Worcester City scored a home win against Malvern in Division 1, a pleasant change from recent results. New player Scott Oxtoby scored a win as did Stephen Mellor and captain Rob Sutton. See details
23 Mar. Worcester & Droitwich lost their away fixture to Redditch 2.
22 Mar. Worcester Wolfpack drew with East Kilbride Rovers in the 4NCL online Division 5. Nearest rivals won so the team is now third in the Division. See details.
8 Mar. Worcester Wolfpack drew with Beckenham in the Online Four Nations Chess League Division 5 and remain top of the division. See details.
3 Mar. Worcester City lost at home to Redditch in Division 1. Ray Collett was the only Worcester winner. See details.
22 Feb. Worcester Wolfpack beat Cork B 3-1 in the 4NCL Div 5 online match. See details.
18 Feb. Worcester City lost 2-3 in the away match against Malvern. See details.
10 Feb. Worcester & Droitwich lost to Longbridge 2 in Division 2 of the Worcestershire League. New player Scott Oxtoby won his first league game. See details.
8 Feb. Worcester Wolfpack won their first online match 2½-1½ against Dundee City E team in 4NCL Division 5. Colin Vernon and Robin Hayles drew their games. See details.
25 Jan. Worcester Wolfpack had a walkover win against Charlton Cobras C who were unable to field a team because they also had over-the-board matches.19 Jan. Worcester & Droitwch lost 1-3 in their first home fixture of the New Year.
6 Jan. Worcester continued its good form into the New Year with a 3-2 win against Kidderminster.

Worcester Wolfpack team enters 4NCL online

20 Jan. With Wolfpack's captain busy with his postgraduate course, Ray Collett has entered a Worcester Wolfpack 4-player team in the 5th 4NCL online club season. Colin Vernon founded the online Wolfpack teams in 4NCL with players he had met in Coulsdon Chess congresses, but has too little time to lead the team in the fifth season. Ray offered to lead a single team and the Worcester Wolfpack has inherited players from the former Wolfpack teams, which included three Worcester players Collett, Hayles and Vernon. It is likely that the team will include a mix of former Wolfpack players and some additional players from Worcester. All matches are on Tuesday evenings and games have a classical time control of 45min + 15seconds.

Good starts to season in league

20 Dec. The away match against Halesowen is postponed because of Covid concerns.
10 Nov. In Division 2, Worcester & Droitwich beat Stourbridge 3 - 2 playing away. Match details.
3 Nov. City beat Kidderminster 3-2 playing away.
28 Oct. Worcester & Droitwich drew with Kidderminster 2- 2 in Division 2.
20 Oct. The City team lost 3½ - 1½ playing away to Redditch in Division 1.
16 Sep. Worcester All Stars lost 2-3 to Stourbridge All Stars in the match in memory of Nick Harris

Club enters two teams

30 Sep. Rob Sutton was elected captain for the City team in Division 1 and Ray Collett is captain for th Worcester & Droitwich team.
21 Sep. Senior members of the club agreed to enter two teams and have invited players from Droitwich Chess Club, who are unable to field a team themselves, to play in Worcester’s teams. Worcester City will play a five board team in Division 1 an there will be four board a team, Worcester & Droitwich in Division 2. The club’s general meeting on 30 Sep will decide on who should captain the the teams and whether to call the Division 2 team Worcester & Droitwich rather than Worcester B.

Temporary Joint League formed

7 Sep. Worcester’s representatives at the general meetings of the two local leagues approved a proposal to form a temporary league formed from the Worcester Chess Association League and Worcester & Distrcit Chess League. See WCA website for more information.


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