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Last updated 20 April 2018

Major Club Trophies

Internal Tournaments & Trophies

These are organised by the Competitions Secretary, Andrew Farthing. In the 2017-2018 season, the club plans two single-evening, fast-play events, a Christmas Variant Chess evening and Blitz. There are two tournaments played September and March: the Championship - standard play and the Rapidplay championship.

The Blitz/Five-Minute Tournament. A player must complete all moves of the game within five minutes and it is sometimes known as Blitz play. Ray Collet won the 2016 event amnd now holds the Knight Trophy. Read More ...

A Variant Chess Tournament has usually been organised just before Christmas since its introduction by former President Roger Nall. The event is anarchic at the best of times and accompanied by mince pies and sometimes suchi. In 2009, Peter Kitson showed us Imitator Chess and in 2016, organiser Andrew Farthing introduced tricky chess puzzles. In 2017 we had to identify films with chess scenes.

Club Championship. All club members who are also members of the English Chess Federation (ECF) are eligible. The competition runs in two stages. There is a pleminary all-play-all stage played until nearly Easter where players can play as many opponents as they wish up to two times. In the finals, the four highest scoring players play a knock out semi-finals, the winners of which play for the championship in the final. Read More ...

Rapidplay Championship. In this tournament, a player's moves must be completed within 30 minutes. This tournament is for ECF members who need to leave early or who arrive late. Like the club championship, the first stage is an all-play-all where players can play up to two games against the same opponent. The second stage is a knock-out for the four highest scoring players in the all-play-all stage.. Read More ...

In previous years, the club has run a Lightning Tournament. In this version of the game, players must move when a buzzer sounds every 10 seconds and if a king is left in check it may be captured to end the game! Unlike the Five-Minute game, no move must take longer than 10 seconds. Steve Mellor won the 2011 competition to complete a speed double.. Read More ...

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