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2002-03 Season

Warley Quinborne are League and Division 3 champions!

Division 2 was won by Boldmere St Michael's and Division 3 by Warley Quinborne.

Infromation was distributed by Dave Brelsforth in seven electronic bulletins probably in October, November, December and end January, March, mid-May, and June

2002-03 Division 1

2002-03 Division 2

2002-03 Division 3

2002-03 News

30 May. Eric Horwil reports. Bremen Sports Exchange. A small party of four chess players - Julie Wilson and Eric Horwill of Stourbridge, Simon Smith of Warley Quinborne, and Bob Carrier of Mercia - took part in the 27th Sports Exchange in Bremen over Easter. Chess is the only sport/activity that has been involved in all 27 exchanges. The "team" gave a good account of themselves in a 12 player, all play all, 5 minutes on the clock tournament with our hosts. Simon came 1st with 10 out of 11, Eric was 2nd, Julie 3rd, and Bob 5th =. A five round Swiss system event - 10 minutes on the clock - with sterner opposition, produced more good results.Julie came 2nd with 4 out of 5, Eric 7th (3/5), Simon 9th (3/5), and Bob 13th (2/5). A party from the Bremen & Achim area will visit Dudley in 2004, with another trip to Germany planned for Easter 2005.

4 Apr. Eric Horwill reports. John Raybould Trophy. A very pleasant ceremony took place at Hagley Chess Club. Gerald Thomas, our President, who is the first Hagley player to hold the office, presented the trophy to Adrian Somerfield of Stourbridge. The trophy, in memory of our former long time hard working Honorary League Secretary, is awarded to the most promising Junior player in our league. John Raybould was also a member of Hagley Chess Club.

Dec. David Brelsforth headed Bulletin 3 withan account of his chess in Malta: "I was recently on holiday in Malta. One evening the hotel where I was staying had a chess tournament with free entry and a prize for the winner (you don't get that in England). There were only 4 entrants, and after very one sided semi-finals, I played a Dutchman named Franz in the final. I had already planned what to do with the prize (drink it), but Franz turned out to be an excellent player. Also the surroundings were not really plush and comfortable, and my opponent chain-smoked throughout the game. I kept looking round for Alan Ruffle to come and sort things out, but he was nowhere to be seen. Typical copper, never there when you want them. So after a grim struggle I succumbed to the precision play and noxious fumes of the Dutchman. Personally, I don't think this Hotels Chess is all it's cracked up to be."

Oct/Nov. The "recent" death of Rob Ward (Wolverhampton) was reported in Bulletin 2. Dave Brelsforth wrote: "He was a very nice man who did a lot for chess in this area".