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28 April 2014

2013-4 season results

Season's arrangements

2 Sep. New tournament secretary, Rob Sutton, has organised Blitz and Christmas variants one-night events. The Lightening tournament was not held in 2013-4. The Championship and Rapidplay tournaments were played as all-play-all tournaments until Easter and the players in each tournament with the most points will play knock-out games to determine the championships.

Blitz tournament

13 Feb. TJim Keene was first in the 2014 Blitz tournament. In the final he beat Ray Collett in a one-sided game after gaining a stranglehold with a confining pin on the e-file. Third placed was David Roberts and fourth Nick Harris. The tournament organiser was Rob Sutton.

Picture (Ray Collett) shows President David Roberts (left) presenting the knight trophy to winner Jim Keene.
David Roberts (President) awards Jim Keene trophy for the 2014 Blitz championship

All-play-all and Rapidplay semi-finalists announced

14 Apr, Rob Sutton reports. In the Club Championship, the semifinals are: Ray Collett - Rob Sutton; and Nick Harris - David Roberts. In the Rapidplay Championship the pairings are: Steve Mellor - Ray Collett and Rob Sutton - David Roberts. Players in these games should toss for colour. (results updated 28 Apr).
21 Apr. First semi final results. Collett beat Sutton in standard play and Sutton beat Roberts in the rapid play.

After the All-play-all stages of the standard play and rapid play championships, leading standings were:

  • Standard play: Ray Collett 4; Nick Harris 3; David Roberts 2; Rob Sutton 1.
  • Rapidplay: Steve Mellor 6½; Rob Sutton 6; David Roberts 5; Ray Collett 4½; Nick Harris 3; and Jim Keene 1.
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