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2013-14 Division 1 tables and match results

2013-14 Division 2 tables and match results

2013-14 Division 3 tables and match results

22 May. Warley Quinborne win League Championship.
16 May. Championship decider next week! Everything now depends on the last match of the season. Warley have beaten leaders Stourbridge and they meet again on 22 May.
26 Mar. Bushbury clinch division 3
24 Mar. Wolverhampton win division 2.
23 Feb, Castle Chess website reports. Castle Chess Dudley Congress. Stephen Crockett (Redditch) was 3rd in the Castle Chess Minor tournament at Dudley. Winner of the Open tournament was Matthew Harborne (Stafford) 4½ points. Second placed was Alan Crombleholm, former Halesowen team member with 3½ points from 5 games.
5 Jan 2014. Philp Bull (Warley) shared second prize in the Major toiurnament at the Shropshire Open Congress.
22 Dec 2013.. Division 1. This division has had a slow start with just two matches completed. New entrants Rushall and Stourbridge share the lead on two points each, but Stourbridge have a match in hand.
22 Dec. Division 2. Wolverhampton are in the lead, pursued by Rushall and Warley Quinborne.
22 Dec. Division 3. Wolverhampton are just ahead of Stourbridge in the division with most matches completed.
4 Sep. First match played, Stourbridge are the first to score!
29 Aug. Fixture lists published. Kynoch fixtures in Div 3 are yet to be arranged.
29 Aug. Rushall were admitted to the league for the first time and enter two teams.

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