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About the league

Purpose of the league

According to the general rules Worcester and district seeks to promote:

  • the playing, teaching, and development of the game of chess in Worcester and district
  • competitions between clubs and individual players

Honorary Officers

President Paul Sharratt
League Hon Secretary Andrew Farthing (Worcester Club)
9 Peninsula Road,
Brockhill Village, Norton,
Worcester WR5 2SE.
Telephone: 01905 358949
Hon Treasurer Dr Brian Turner (Malvern Club)
Telephone: 01684 568398
Competitions Secretary,
Grading Officer, Safeguarding.
Paul Sharratt (Stourbridge Club)
Telephone: 07515 688 795
Ball & Bennett Cup Controller Vacant
ECF delegate Paul Sharratt (Stourbridge Club)
Telephone: 07515 688 795
Hon Auditor John Knee (Malvern Club)

Team Competitions

The league runs two divisions. This season there are five teams in Division 1 and eight in Division 2. The annual fixtures meeting was held on Thursday August 30 at St Stephen's Church Hall, Worcester..

Team captains please notify Paul Sharratt, Competitions Secretary and grader for the league, and the webmaster of details of match results. For information about fixtures and results in the 2018-9 season use the Division 1 and Division 2 menu buttons on the left.

Participating teams 2018-9 season

Division 1: Kidderminster Knights, Malvern, Redditch A, Stourbridge A, Worcester Bishops.

Division 2: Droitwich, Greenlands, Kidderminster Pawns, Kidderminster Rooks, Mercia, Redditch B, Stourbridge B, Worcester Pawns


Club affiliation fees and entry are £5. There is no requirement that teams should field players who are ECF members, but clubs become liable for any ECF fee due from players who are not ECF members and play more than 3 games in the league. Club secretaries register players before the first match with the League Hon Secretary and Grading officer.

Matches and time controls

Teams have four boards and games are played with a time control at 1h 15 minutes for 35 moves followed by a further added 15 minutes to complete the game or, if the team must vacate premises early, 1h for 30 moves followed by a futher added 15 minutes. Division One teams play each other home and away, whereas Division Two teams play each other once. For the League Rules please click here (opens in new window). Rules for competition play, recording moves and quick-play finishes are available from the FIDE website (opens in new window, but please note that in most league games the captains act as arbiters in the event of a dispute and players are allowed to arrive late).

Individual Competitions, Bennett and Ball Cups

Registered players of affiliated clubs are eligible to compete for the splendid Alderman Bennett Cup (Open tournament) and/or for the Ball Cup if graded below 150. Entry is free to players registered by secretaries of clubs playing in the Worcester & District League. The tournament controller post for 2018-9 is currently vacant .

League administration

Governance is set out in the general rules of the league. Most of the business is conducted by the honorary secretary Andrew Farthing in accordance with policies decided an the annual meeting.

2018 Annual meeting

Paul Sharratt was adopted as the new president. Officials and delegates were re-appointed. The safeguarding officer remains Paul Sharratt who said there were no incidents to report during the previous year. The league employs the safeguarding policy, procedures and code of conduct set by Worcestershire County Chess Association.

The league website

The webmaster works very closely with the league, but is independent from it. If you have news items, corrections or comments, please contact the webmaster.