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2018-9 Bennett Cup

2018-9 entries

There are six entries for the competition this year includin one player new to the league from Worcester. Brian Turner (Malvern) has stepped up to fill the vacancy for the controller of this competition

Introduction to the competition

The Alderman Bennett Cup presented to the league in 1950 to be awarded to the best individual player in the league. It therefore complements the team trophies presented to the winners of divisions 1 and 2. The current holder of the cup is Lee Davis (Malvern). Visit the Bennett Cup honours roll for a complete list of champions.


The players placed first and second in the five-round all-play-all preliminary stage will play a two-game final for the Bennett Cup. Games in the the preliminary competition should be completed by 31 March 2019.

Player Club Grade LD BT IC RC JV WK Totals
Lee Davis Malvern 177   b w b w b  
Brian Turner Malvern 170 w   b w b w  
Ian Clarke Malvern 157 b w   b w b  
Ray Collett Worcester 147 w b w   b w  
John Varilone Kidderminster 121 b w b w   b  
William Kemp Worcester u/g w b w b w