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2019-20 Ball Cup

Ball Cup News

14 Feb. Michael Chester has had to withdraw from the competition.

There were five entrants: John Chester, John Varilone, David Waud (all from Kidderminster), Michael Chester and Michael Butcher (both from Malvern). The first tage of the competition will be a four round all-play-all and this will be followed by a second stage play-off between first and second placed players. Please complete games by 31 March 2020. The winner of the Ball Cup in 2019 was Ray Collett (Worcester), but he is now ineligible because his grade is over 150 so there will be a different winner in 2020.

Players Club Grade JC JV DW MB Total
John Chester Kidderminster 146   b w w  
John Varilone Kidderminster 135 w   b b  
David Waud Kidderminster 134 b w   w  
Michael Butcher Malvern 104 w b w b  
Rules for the Ball Cup competition.

About the competition

The Worcester & District Chess League has offered a an individual competition for players graded below 150 for most years since 1945. The current holder of the trophy is Ray Collett (Worcester), but he won’t be able to defend his win because his grade is now above the limit for this competition. You can see the names of previous winners since 1947 on the roll of honour.