Updated 6 January 2018

Worcestershire County Champions

The title of Worcestershire Champion is currently held by Dr Brian Turner (Malvern) who retains his title from last year. He gained his title as a result of being the highest scoring player in the 2014 Worcester Open congress. In the 1980s, the championship was won by the leading scorer in the Worcestershire Closed Championship held at Easter time. When the closed championship ceased and between 1995 and 2001, the county decided to award the title to the highest scoring player in the open section of a Worcestershire tournament organised by an independent company. The format of the competition was a knock out tournament in 1920, but the organisation of other years' competitions is not known.

The earliest Worcestershire champion discovered so far was GEH Bellingham towards the end of the nineteenth century. The records from 1919 to 1945 come from a typewritten list unearthed by Andrew Farthing from the association's records. The county championship trophy is currently missing, but Peter Kitson, a three-times winner, recorded during his most recent tenure of the trophy the list of former champions engraved on the plinth to provide the names of champions from 1946 to 1985. The web editor's records of county meetings provided the names for recent seasons.


Season Champion
1895-6 GEH Bellingham (a)
1919-20 EE Westbury
1920-1 EE Westbury
1921-2 EE Westbury
1922-3 EE Westbury
1923-4 TH Tylor
1924-5 TH Tylor
1925-6 EE Westbury
1926-7 GC Brown
1927-8 Dr A Learner
1928-9 Dr A Learner
1929-30 CG Butcher
1930-1 CG Butcher
1931-2 PA Ursell
1932-3 RW Bonham
1933-4 RW Bonham
1934-5 Dr A Learner
1935-6 CG Butcher
1936-7 CG Butcher
1937-8 CG Butcher
1938-9 CG Butcher
1939-40 RW Bonham
1940-1 RW Bonham
1941-2 RW Bonham
1942-3 RW Bonham
1943-4 RW Bonham
1944-5 RW Bonham
1945-6 RW Bonham
1946-7 RW Bonham
1947-8 JE Dutton
1948-9 RW Bonham
1949-50 RW Bonham
1950-1 RW Bonham
1951-2 RW Bonham
1952-3 RW Bonham
1953-4 RW Bonham
1954-5 RW Bonham
1955-6 HEG Courtney
1956-7 HEG Courtney
1957-8 RW Bonham
1958-9 RW Bonham
1959-60 RW Bonham
1960-1 Dr BG Dudley
1961-2 GF Harris
1962-3 GF Harris
1963-4 E Staudt
Season Champion
1964-5 Dr BG Dudley
1965-6 TRD Grove
" PS Keate
1966-7 LS Blackstock
1967-8 RJ Clunie
1968-9 RJ Clunie
" SE Reese
1969-70 Dr BG Dudley
1970-1 CA Gray
1971-2 Dr BG Dudley
" PC Robertson
1972-3 J Heath
1973-4 J Heath
1974-5 J Anderson
1975-6 J Anderson
1976-7 SW Small
1977-8 J Anderson
1978-9 KC Arkell
1979-80 AJ Taylor
1980-1 KC Arkell
1981-2 R Trow
1982-3 D Pye
1983-4 SW Small
1984-5 Dr RA Collett
Competition suspended
1990-1 DPM Goodwin
1991-2 SW Small
1992-3 SW Small
Competition suspended
1995-6 MP Burrows
" S James
1996-7 PR Kitson
1997-8 MP Burrows
" PR Kitson
1998-9 MP Burrows
" PR Kitson
1999-2000 MP Burrows
" C Hibbard
2000-1 MP Burrows (a)
Competition suspended
2013-4 Brian Turner
2014-5 Brian Turner
2015-6 no competition
2016-7 Kevin Hurney

(a) Reported by Berrow's Worcestershire Journal
(b) Kidderminster Shuttle 23-10-01 downloaded 17-6-09 from http://archive.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/2001/10/23/301600.html