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2011-12 News

30 Aug. Ray Collett reports from the AGM. Ashley Davis wins the Bennett Cup in the final against Jim Friar. At the AGM the secretary reported that the 2011-12 Knock-out team tournament was running very late. Malvern took the League Championship comfortably with Worcester Bishops runners-up. Division 2 was won by Kidderminster Pawns who accepted promotion to Division 1 for the 2012-13 season. There was discussion whether the League, which already shares officers with Worcestershire Chess Association should not become a component part of the county. It was agreed that those attending should discuss these issues within their teams and clubs and the issue would be considered at the April executive meeting of the county assocaition.

21 Aug. Ashley Davis win's Bennett Cup. Jim Friar (Kidderminster), the losing finalist said his opponent "fought back from the dead" to take the cup.

27 Apr. Kidderminster Pawns assured of Division 2 Championship. In Division 2, Stourbridge only managed a draw against Kidderminster Rooks, Kidderminster Pawns will become champions even if they lose their last match against Stourbridge 4-0 because the two top teams would then have 19 match pints each, but the maximum game points available to stourbridge is 30, two fewer tham Kidderminster Pawns current tally.

15 Mar. Malvern win the League Championship.

28 April. Ian Truscott and Andrew Farthing in Ball Cup Final.

15 Mar. With a match to spare and a win over Kidderminster Knights, Malvern will be 2012 league champions

1 Mar. Rob Mitchell knocked out Brian Turner, last year's winner in the quarter final. Ashley Davis, Rob Mitchell, Jim Friar and son James are through to the semi finals.

2 Jan. At the halfway stage, Malvern are set fair to retain the league championship in Division1. In Division 2, Kidderminster Pawns share the lead on 6 match points, but unlike the other leaders, have not lost a match. New team Stourbridge are mid-table.

16 Dec. In a tense match, Hagley won the trophy on handicap and Malvern took the match in the finals of the Siegel Shield. Use "Team KO" menu button on the left to see more.

10 Dec. After the last match before the break for Christmas, Malvern lead Division 1 with Kidderminster Knights second.

11 Oct. The draws for the Ball and Bennett Cup individual trophies has been published. Use the "Ball Cup" and "Bennett Cup" menu buttons on the left to see details.

28 Sep. The death of Derek Digger, former Worcestershire Grading Officer and player for county, Kidderminster and Halesowen teams has been announced. Derek was resolute and positive to the end. A doughty opponent over-the-board and faithful servant to a wide chess community that includes clubs in three counties through grading for the Worcester & District and Dudley and District Leagues, he is much missed. I know players' thoughts will be with Cynthia and his family.

22 Sep. The team captain has told the webmaster that St John's are unable to raise sufficient players for their fixtures and are withdrawing the Division 1 team.

20 Sep. With the first Div 2 result in, the season is truly underway.

20 Sep. Droitwich & St John's team have been unable to raise a side for the KO team semifinal so Hagley play Malvern in the final. The St John's team meet this week to decide whether they can fulfil Div 1 fixtures.

16 Sep. Worcester Bishops record the first W&D win of the season against newly promoted Headless Cross. This is the Bishops' first 4-0 over-the-board win since returning to Division 1 in 2008. The webmaster heard rumours that Droitwich and St John's may not be able to fulfil fixtures.

9 Sep. Droitwich & St John's team in Division 1 have confirmed their home match days are Mondays

9 Sep. The second semifinal of the 2010-11 Siegel Shield team KO is scheduled between Droitwich & St John's and Malvern on Monday 19 September.

23 Aug. At a meeting of the county association it was announced that Paul Sharratt (Stourbridge) is the new W&D Competitions Secretary and Grader.

19 Aug. See picture of Andrew Farthing presenting £650 to Age Concern Sandwell, the surplus from the July Worcestershire Open Tournament.

15 Aug. The team knock out semifinal match between Droitwich & St John's and Hagley is rumoured to be as late as September because key Hagley players are on holiday.

11 Aug. At the league annual meeting Stourbridge were re-admitted and welcomed to the league after a lapse of several years. Division 1 has 6 teams playing home and away subject to Droitwich & St John's entry being confirmed. Division 2 has 7 teams subject to confirmation that Kidderminster will play both Pawns and Rooks teams. Team entry fees for the 2011-12 season are £25, £30 and £4 for entry to Division1, Division 2, and the Team Knock Out Championships respectiveley. Maurice Bissell continues as honorary secretary and president, Brian Turner continues as honorary treasurer, but Derek Digger steps down from his role as Competitions Secretary and Grader because of ill-health, Two offers to replace him are under consideration. Trophies were presented to: Malvern as League Champions; Headless Cross Division 2 champions; Andrew Farthing winner of the Ball Cup; and Brian Turner winner of the Alderman Bennett Cup. For pictures, use the "W&D News" menu button on the left.

2 August: Droitwich & St John's win their delayed quarter final team knock out match against Worcester Bishops. Droitwich & St John's meet Hagley in the Semi final.

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